Sunday, March 04, 2007


In doing a bit of blog exploration this afternoon I came across THIS site. Due to my not understanding the language I haven't a clue what it is about, but I love the music.

On the other hand, while I enjoy reading Papa Herman's words and consider him to be a dear friend, I avoid his MySpace site entirely because his chosen soundtrack leaves me feeling rather frazzled.

I've always been intrigued by the way that music influences us. When I was in college I did a research paper on Muzak... there's a tune by Porcupine Tree about it that says:
"Hear the sound of music Drifting in the aisles Elevator Prozac Stretching on for miles The music of the future Will not entertain It's only meant to repress ..."

There's no doubt in my mind that rhythm and beat influence how we move, what we learn, what we notice and trigger emotions.

I'm not likely to ever include music with my blog, but IF I soundtrack would probably be a compilation of tunes - some mix of Indigo Girls, Black Diamond, Poi Dog Pondering and the Cocteau Twins

Yeah, there are days I throw back to my old AC/DC impulses, but the older I get the less I relate to that sort of scene.

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juliana said...

It's funny how different peoples musical tastes are. Herman actually calms down with that loud wild music. I, on the other hand, lean to your interests: Cat Stevens, Indigo Girls, James Taylor, but I too love the classic rock as well. I'll take Ozzie Ozborne still today, on a CD I mean:+)
On a side note, I have noticed that if I'm not feeling good, ie. a stomach ache-then Hermans music makes it hurt more. I need QUIET to concentrate on a hurting tummy.

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