Thursday, March 08, 2007

Leapin Lizards! NO - it's RAINING FROGS!

In four separate instances between October 1987 and February 1988, small pink frogs rained down from the sky on to various parts of Great Britain. Scientists are still uncertain as to where these frogs originated, although some have traced them back to the Sahara desert. Source: The World's Most Incredible Stories, 1998, page 66. SOURCE

Or you can read more about it HERE

What an odd world we live in.


Marie said...

I love a good Biblical plague now and then. So dramatic.

Unless it happens to me, of course. Then it's just yucky.

Lei said...

Thanks for stopping by... I hope you'll join us!

Pondering Pig said...

Have you ever come across Charles Fort? He spent a lifetime gathering unexplained and unexplainable phenomena like this and using them to prick the balloons of the scientists of his day, who were quite sure they understood everything about everything. - I read his books at 12 with great delight.

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