Friday, March 09, 2007

Order out of Chaos

I'm finally back at work after taking a couple days off... I've been sorting through accumulated piles, answering e-mail, setting meetings, checking in with my team.

After a break to do some walking at noon I decided to tackle all the piles of accumulated STUFF in, on and around my desk. I just got a new set of wall shelves to give me a bit more order. It feels good to declutter the chaos.

As I went through all my various notes I found one I'd written to myself several months ago during a moment of introspection. It says:

"What one thing could I be doing that I am not presently doing that if I did on a regular basis would have a huge positive impact on my life?"

I recall what was going on when I wrote it. My answer to that question today is actually quite different than it was then. However, I've come to the conclusion that continuing to ASK myself the question is what matters, no matter how many times the response may shift.

I'm still a work in process, it seems.

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