Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Diverging points of view

This is NOT, never has been, never will be a political blog. Goodness knows there are plenty of those around. If that's your fancy, have at it. I get enough political argument at my own dinner table to thoroughly exasperate me. (My beloved and I tend to cancel out each other's votes in most elections). I don't have any intention of beginning a debate here.

But that leads to part of my point of THIS posting... why is it that people who have extremely different views about government have to be so mean and nasty to each other?

I have lived with and loved a man for 25 years despite the fact that we both think the other one is misguided, misinformed and just plain WRONG when it comes to several key political issues. (I AM right, by the way.) However, we have learned how to be kind and civil to one another even when vehemently disagreeing.

As we approach the next series of elections, feelings are starting to flame in homes and barbershops, on blogs and talk radio, among the simpletons like me and the mighty movers and shakers that influence opinion and policy.

My prayer, as we draw closer to decision day is that we all try our best to be respectful in our differences.

For some GREAT thoughts about politics, power and the process of government, see what some of our past leaders have said HERE.

(unfortunately, an annoying ad for ebay pops up, but when it does there is a spot to click up in the top right corner to opt out of the ad and get back to the quotes.)

I was VERY impressed by some of the quotes by some of the presidents I found to be quite unimpressive. I can't help but wonder who ACTUALLY coined those words... after watching many an episode of West Wing I've come to be immensely curious about political speech writers.


Marie said...

My main political complaint is not people whose views are opposite mine, but those who claim that political platforms in some way align neatly with some higher truth or higher falsehood. Politics on both sides of the aisle consists of a bunch of bumbling idiots -- some trying harder than others, some more sincere than others, but still, all bumblers stumbling through the darkness, making compromises to keep the peace and put crude patches on the holes of our past. Politics is how our civilization escapes a descent into anarchy, but it's usually got little to do with the things of the spirit. Nations and parties are not guilty or heroic in God's eyes -- only individuals.

There are a lot of Mormons in Utah who sincerely believe that the Republicans have a corner on God, and I itch to strap them down and forcefeed them a history lesson on how Mormons were dragged kicking and screaming out of the Democratic party a hundred years ago and into the Republican party. That same Republican party which had launched the first federal campaign against Mormons. It's so mindbogglingly ironic.

But I should be nice, lest I fall into the same trap of self-righteousness.

I think that we'd all do better if we realized that the benefit of dual-party debate is to keep us all on our toes, thinking about our society, the divergent views keeping us open-eyed and alert -- not to finally strongarm others into passing the Perfect Laws that will finally create the Perfect Society. We will always need to adjust and tweak things and that will never change until we are led by someone better than a mere mortal.

By the by, your picture of the day on the blog main page is of my favorite place in the whole world, Cannon Beach, Oregon! My summer vacation destination for 25 years, the downy pillow on which my childhood dreams were gently carried. How I love it there -- the cool, misty, rainy days, the tidepools and the babysoft sand, the local kite-flying obsession, and the butter flavored salt water taffy. *sigh*

Belladonna said...

You very eloquently stated my position better than I could have done it myself. I get SOOO fed up with religious folk of ANY faith who claim that their God sanctions their preferred political views over another. I just want to scream at them GET OVER IT.

As for the beach scene...yeah, I enjoy the coast. Since my grant funded job goes away in a year we are trying to decide what to do of the options we are considering is relocating to the Oregon coast. Still lots of pros and cons to consider, but it's definitely one of several options under the microscope.

Marie said...

Go! Do it! Live my dream on the Oregon Coast -- you won't regret it! Just promise me you'll let me house-sit now and then.

Belladonna said...


One of my passions is kite flying. Perhaps one day you'll come visit the coast and we'll fly kites together on the beach.

We'll talk of Egypt and faith, the muse that pushes us both to write, cabbages and kings and whatever else may occur to us.

Yeah, I could go for that.

Mimi said...

I wanna come too!

Belladonna said...

Come on and play Mimi - we'd have a blast!

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