Thursday, March 29, 2007

On This Day in History

At the bottom of this blog I have a little widget that gives me a couple cool things I like: the word of the day and "On This Day in History". It's interesting to check out from time to time.

Today it just so happens is the anniversary of the indictment of Julius and Ethel Rosenburg who were later convicted of “conspiracy to commit espionage against the United States” for transmitting classified military secrets to the Soviets. They died in the electric chair.

Julius and Ethel had two young sons who were orphaned when their parents' executions were carried out. HBO aired a documentary about the Rosenburg family legacy called called "Heir to an Execution". I've not seen it, but would like to. I cannot help but wonder what those boys' lives were like.


Mimi said...

I remember once reading an interview with one of Lee Harvey Oswald's children - it's the same kind of thing. How do you call a life normal when everyone knows who you are related to?

Barb said...

I just cringed when I saw "electric chair." How very sad.

Thank you for stopping by my place and commenting on my whiny post about my 48 hour "ordeal" with Cameron. I'm fully recovered now. Not ready to sign up for this again any time soon, though. LOL

Good luck with your interview Monday. I totally understand all the anxiety when your interviewing - Rob and I expect results of an interview to come on Monday and we can't help but be hopeful. So good, good luck. I'll be thinking about you and I hope you're chosen since it sounds like you really want this job.

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