Monday, April 16, 2012

Someone with SKIN on!

At my job I do a lot of interfacing with others around the state, some who I have never actually met in the physical world. We talk on the phone, do email, and sometimes connect through webinars.

Recently I was going back and forth with a colleague in northern Idaho via email when I recognized we were not quite understanding one another, so I gave the person a call. She was delighted, and acknowledged the need to connect more directly with the following story:

A little girl was having a sleep over at her grandparents house one night when there was a big thunderstorm. As lighting cracked and thunder went booming through the night sky it scared the child, so she went running into her grandparents' bedroom to jump in bed with them. Her grandmother tried to reassure the little girl by saying "oh honey, you don't need to be afraid. No matter where you are or what is happening, Jesus is always watching over you." The little girl replied earnestly "Oh, I know that Grandma. But right now I need someone with skin on them!"

Yeah, I can appreciate that. Although I love relating to my email friends and blogger pals and I've spent many years teaching online, there are times you just need someone with skin on.

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