Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pink Slip

I'm starting a new research project. This is something I've toyed with on and off for some time. I want to explore how we define work - what it gives to us and what it costs us. How do people decide what kinds of work they will or will not do? How do gender, age, religiosity, economic status shape our attitudes about work?

Almost every job has good things and bad things about do we decide when there is more bad than good and know it is time to walk away from a nasty job? (Think Mike Rowe's Dirty jobs or the superbowl commercial for What factors increase our loyalty to our jobs despite the problems?

Particularly in this economy I think it matters to explore more in depth the consequence to the individual, the community and the nation when jobs are lost.

The working title of this thing is "Pink Slip"...will start out with some personal narratives from individuals who have lost jobs and then some who have made the decision to radically change the type of work they do. Then I'll weave in and out of the sociology & psychology of looking for work. I'll address the hope and the fear that are inherent with putting yourself out there to be chosen or not chosen by the powers that be. I'll compare that to the feelings people have about retirement at the end of their careers.

I have some ideas about how I want to pull this off, but it's still very much in the beginning stages. We'll see where it goes....

If you happen to personally know anyone who might be open to being interviewed online or over the phone who fits one the categories below - please let me know!

Looking for those who

a) lost a job in the past year
b) is trying to change professions
c) retired in the past year

Monday, February 16, 2009

Days Go Tumbling By

Here we are in the middle of February 2009. I find myself absolutely astonished. I swear it feels like just the other day I was packing away my Christmas decorations (which I did before new years.) How did a whole month and a half get past me since then? The days seem to be spinning by faster and faster. Whole seasons sweep by me these days before I have time to take notice. I want to say SLOW DOWN, but instead I just jump on as best as I can and take my turn on the tilt of whirl of time.

As a child I can remember a week seeming to last FOREVER. Summer vacation was an eternity.

Not now. Why is that? We have all these "time saving" devises that that our pioneer mothers never dreamed of. Yet we are a people more rushed and hurried than any other.

Is it just me or do you feel scattered and overwhelmed by how fast thing seem to be going?

Monday, February 09, 2009

Scarlet Fever on the Rise

Last week my three year old grandson had Scarlet Fever. Yeah. I sorta freaked when I heard. But I was also really surprised. My reaction was much like that of Andrea's who said when she heard about it: "Is that still around? Yikes! I thought that went out with washboards and butter churns."

Well, apparently people DO still get it, and it seems to be on the rise.

The thing is, it is no more and no less dangerous than strep throat. Actually it comes from the same bacteria.

While I often have concerns about the over use of anti-biotics, in this case I was very grateful that our little boy could get appropriate medical care and get this under control relatively quickly. He's on the mend now and they do not expect any residual effects from the illness.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

National Pie Day immoralized

Anyone who has read this blog regularly knows I have a writer friend in Buffalo, NY by the name of Kelly Sedinger (AKA Jaquandor) who maintains the blog Byzantiam Shores. Kelly and I chat on occasion via facebook and shuffle e-mails back and forth on a variety of topics. What you may not know is how we were introduced. We share a common appreciation for a good Pie In The Face. I've written on this blog about how I have the quirky tradition of getting hit by a pie for my birthday each year. Kelly doesn't reserve it for birthdays, but has on occasion enjoyed a good gooey smack. Apparently a couple years ago he did a google search for Pie-in-the-face which led him to me. We've been talking ever since.

Anyway, since January 23rd was designated as National Pie Day, rather than spend the day baking, Kelly decided it was a suitable time to honor with a grand scale pie assault. I must admit, I was IMPRESSED when I saw the evidence. I have never done multiple pies in one event. It appears from the video that he enjoyed it thoroughly.

Because we live a continent apart Kelly and I have yet to meet in person. But we both are determined that one day we will, and of course when it happens, we plan to make one heck of a mess with a mutual pie assault.

You can see Kelly Sedinger's 2009 National Pie Day celebration over on YouTube at THIS link.

I totally support mutually agreed upon pie-in-the-face frivolity. Here are some grand examples of that.


Barbara Mandrell

(One of my all time favorites is Lucille Ball, but I could not find an image of her classic pie work.)

I do NOT support sneak attack assult pies like these:



So as long as it's done by mutual consent and all in good fun - Let the pies fly!

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