Saturday, February 07, 2009

National Pie Day immoralized

Anyone who has read this blog regularly knows I have a writer friend in Buffalo, NY by the name of Kelly Sedinger (AKA Jaquandor) who maintains the blog Byzantiam Shores. Kelly and I chat on occasion via facebook and shuffle e-mails back and forth on a variety of topics. What you may not know is how we were introduced. We share a common appreciation for a good Pie In The Face. I've written on this blog about how I have the quirky tradition of getting hit by a pie for my birthday each year. Kelly doesn't reserve it for birthdays, but has on occasion enjoyed a good gooey smack. Apparently a couple years ago he did a google search for Pie-in-the-face which led him to me. We've been talking ever since.

Anyway, since January 23rd was designated as National Pie Day, rather than spend the day baking, Kelly decided it was a suitable time to honor with a grand scale pie assault. I must admit, I was IMPRESSED when I saw the evidence. I have never done multiple pies in one event. It appears from the video that he enjoyed it thoroughly.

Because we live a continent apart Kelly and I have yet to meet in person. But we both are determined that one day we will, and of course when it happens, we plan to make one heck of a mess with a mutual pie assault.

You can see Kelly Sedinger's 2009 National Pie Day celebration over on YouTube at THIS link.

I totally support mutually agreed upon pie-in-the-face frivolity. Here are some grand examples of that.


Barbara Mandrell

(One of my all time favorites is Lucille Ball, but I could not find an image of her classic pie work.)

I do NOT support sneak attack assult pies like these:



So as long as it's done by mutual consent and all in good fun - Let the pies fly!


Jaquandor said...

Aww, thanks! Yeah, it was a lot of fun -- and we didn't discover, actually, until a couple of days later that it was National Pie Day. What luck, eh? I almost always use multiple pies, really; why do things halfway? :)

I agree with you about the "stealth attacks" with pies -- that's lame and hurtful, and at times I think it borders on assault. I also don't like the whole wedding-cake-stuffing that is quite a tradition these days; that's always struck me as inappropriate. There's a time and a place -- but when the time and place are right, a pie in the face is a blast!

Thanks for the link!

Rozel said...

What fun. I would be tempted to eat the pie. . .yummy!

Jaquandor said...

Well, there's no way to avoid consuming SOME of the pie when it's all over your face.... :)

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