Monday, February 16, 2009

Days Go Tumbling By

Here we are in the middle of February 2009. I find myself absolutely astonished. I swear it feels like just the other day I was packing away my Christmas decorations (which I did before new years.) How did a whole month and a half get past me since then? The days seem to be spinning by faster and faster. Whole seasons sweep by me these days before I have time to take notice. I want to say SLOW DOWN, but instead I just jump on as best as I can and take my turn on the tilt of whirl of time.

As a child I can remember a week seeming to last FOREVER. Summer vacation was an eternity.

Not now. Why is that? We have all these "time saving" devises that that our pioneer mothers never dreamed of. Yet we are a people more rushed and hurried than any other.

Is it just me or do you feel scattered and overwhelmed by how fast thing seem to be going?


Jess said...

I am amazed at how fast last year went! Before I knew it, it was New Years and time to par-tay and I was still talking about the LAST years new year's party! It is quite strange how time changes...over time!

Rozel said...

Time does fly. I was just wondering if time was going by fast because I work in education. There are dates and deadlines for everything so I am very aware how time fly's.

Jaquandor said...

I do. It's a very strange sensation.

Grandma Pat said...

Yeah. When I was in elementary school I couldn't wait for summer to be over so I could go back to school - summer seemed to drag.

The older I got the faster summer seemed to go - now it goes way too fast. Maybe that's because summer is my favorite season so I'd like it to last longer. Time itself seems to go faster the older I get.

Now as a retired person I'm slowing down and not keeping up with time hardly at all.

bernthis said...

when you have kids, Summer still is an eternity LOL

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