Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Witnessing the Change

I generally avoid talking politics on this blog. There are hundreds of other blogs that address matters of government. From carefully researched analysis to vehement ranting, just about every persuasion of passionate talk on all things political is out there if you want it. I don't feel the need to add to the fray. But I just can't write another thing without acknowledging how inspired I feel by the change our country witnessed today.

The very fact that every four years we have the opportunity to CHOOSE who will lead this nation for good or ill is a powerful thing. The fact that we can orchestrate major changes in leadership without violence never ceases to amaze me. There have been political coups and murders of those in power since the days of Pahoran

But we shift from one leader to another in a relatively smooth fashion time after time.

Barack Obama as president represents so much that is good. How he will actually perform is yet to be seen. But the man truly inspires me. He gives me hope. He helps me believe that we CAN address the myriad of complex problems that beset us in a meaningful and positive way.

I will pray for Barack. I will pray for this country. I am thankful for witnessing this day.


Jen said...

I read an article discussing what is involved in moving the old president out and the new president in--physically in the White House and it was quite amazing how seamless the whole process is, from the voting right down to the furniture.

Grandma Pat said...

I agree. It is absolutely amazing, inspiring, and faith building.

I look for a better tomorrow in the next months/years.

Thanks for your post.

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