Sunday, January 18, 2009

Gems in the Blogosphere

I checked in with my friends over at Facebook this morning and found THIS LINK placed there by Life Coach Laura Young.

I spent a little time exploring it and was VERY IMPRESSED. This lady has a great combination going on: 1) she writes very well 2)she has something substantive to say. I sometimes (though not always) have #1. I OCCASIONALLY have #2. My problem in I seldom have both #1 and #2 going on at the same time.

This is the first blog I've read in a long time that actually made me envious. It wasn't so much the green eyed monster mean spirited envy I used to feel in sixth grade. Instead, it was the longing I sometimes get in an art museum looking at a fine painting...appreciating a masterpiece so poignantly that it aches, and wishing with fury that I had the ability to produce that kind of beauty.

Mostly I babble on this blog without a lot of forethought. I dump out words about whatever I am thinking/feeling/doing at the time because I enjoy the conversation. I do it for fun, and don't worry about measuring the merit. Reading Penelope's Trunk threatened to stir my hibernating bear of ambition to one day actually take my writing seriously. Scary.

Years ago I had a couple things published in magazines that I was actually paid for. There was a time when I seriously toyed with the thought that I'd like to pursue writing professionally. But for one reason or another I took other paths, and for the most part have made my peace with that. Still, every now and then I get all dreamy about it again and wonder...what IF...

Anyway, all that aside, seeing what a fine blog this particular one is (at least in my humble estimation) made me curious. What blogs have you found out there that MOST impressed you?


Ruth D~ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ruth D~ said...

Years ago . . . is gone. but now isn't, and I have *never* been disappointed in your posts. They are real life. I like that a lot.

**If I'd look for spelling mistakes before I "publish my comment" I wouldn't need to delete.

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