Saturday, January 17, 2009


My husband is reading the book Tsar by Ted Bell. He just read a sentence to me from page 314 that totally cracked me up! Two characters are having a conversation. It is between a woman who is a singer starlet type and her male manager who are getting ready to go on the maiden voyage of a huge airship. The woman says to her manager:

"What about you, Stoke? Aren't you even a little excited?"

to which he replies:

"Honey, you know me. I only got two emotions. Hungry and horney. You see me without an erection, quick, make me a sandwich."

Oh the commentary I could give on this...but I think I'll just leave it alone.


Concha said...

I need to read that book

Jaquandor said...

Well, I'll go ahead and comment about this...

...oh wait, the tea kettle's whistling. Gotta run!

Booklogged said...

Too, too funny!

Mimi said...


Ruth D~ said...

Honey, make your own damn sandwich! :>)

Rozel said...

I am going to pretend like I didn't read that and go back to my naïve little world.

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