Saturday, January 03, 2009

2008 in Review

My blogger pal Mimi over at Bigger Than a Breadbox did something rather cool over on her blog. She did a review of the past year by sharing the first line to the first post for each month. I kind of liked the idea, but chose to adapt it somewhat. I reviewed all my past posts for 2008 and linked to one for each month that was meaningful for me - not caring if they were first, middle or last in the month. It was interesting for me to look back over time to see what I had been thinking /writing about.

Here is what I came up with:


Always ready to stir my life with a stick and shake things up a bit, I was dreaming of moving to Michigan, longing to be close to my sons and grandkids there. In Pins and Needles I spoke of my excitement when a phone interview for a job that had the potential to make that a reality went very well.


However, the move to Michigan was not to be. Juggling the challenges of a dual career family can get complicated. In the post Unity I link over to my other blog to describe the heartache and resolve I felt about my husband's reticence to move and give up his good job for the sake of my dreams.


Blessings A to Z was a gathering spot for all my posts where I listed things I was grateful for by each letter of the alphabet. That was a fun exercise and helped me keep perspective during seasons of disappointment.


Full Plate and Then Some! described the overwhelm I was feeling as I juggled two jobs and searched for another. It was definitely a very hectic time.


In House Pictures I shared views of my 100 yr old Victorian home in Athena we had just decided to put up for sale. (update - we have an appointment to close on the deal next week.) I sure did love that house, but selling it and downsizing was the right thing to do.


Why I Am Moving explored my feelings about our shift from our lovely home in town out to the farmhouse where I now live.


Trusting the Universe described how I accepted a new job on the flip of a coin which was followed up with Goodbyes Are Hard about the difficulty to leave behind coworkers I really cared about.


In Diverging Roads, Path and Trails I talked about how we can never really know the ultimate outcome of our choices, how at some point we must surrender to trust that the universe will guide us in the directions we need to go.


Where I Live talked about getting settled in to our new residence, living out in the middle of 160 acres of farm land.


Following up on the same theme I had begun in August, Celebrating Cluelessness talked about never really being sure which choices are "right" or "best". That uncertainty and ambivalence really does seem to be a recurring topic for me.


There were several posts in November that were meaningful for me...

Two in particular are Happy Anniversary which paid homage to my marriage of 27 years.

Pondering Pain expressed my feelings about hurting on several different levels.


I wound up the year giving thought to issues of Self Esteem, exploring Absolute Poverty vs Relative Deprivation and coping with work stress in Can You Keep a Secret?

Looking back at my posts for the year I see some silly nonsense and some serious pondering. I see reports of my comings and goings and pictures along the way. There are links to cool resources and ideas I didn't want lost in the shuffle of my sometimes over busy life.

There were lots of changes in 2008, lots of questioning and very little answers. But overall it was a good year, in most respects. There were bumps in the road. There were storms. But now that it's done, I can be grateful for high times and low.

Not sure what 2009 will bring. I hope I'm up for the challenge!

Happy New Year to all of you who join with me in the Blogosphere. May we all live it with passion, integrity, humor and love.

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