Friday, January 25, 2008

Pins & Needles

HOLY TOMATOES! The pipe dream might get real.

I had my phone interview this morning. It went VERY well. I still have several layers of hoops to jump through before I would know I had the job. I know they are doing preliminary phone screen interviews with 15 people, so it is quite possible that any one of them could blow me out of the water. Realistically, it is WAY too early to get excited about this. But it feels like all the planets are aligning and that things are falling into place.

I'm ready to start packing up my whole house and get ready to move. I think that the universe is smiling on me and getting ready to give me a job that would feed my soul as well as put food on the table. AND put me just one and a half hours away from my sons and the geo-tribe of 8 precious grand kids. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let it be so.

Many thanks to all of you who are hanging in there with me on this and have offered prayers of support. Hey Kelly, get that Boston Creame ready to celebrate!


Mimi said...

Yay! Continued prayers!

Jaquandor said...

And from my end as well!

Jen said...

I was just heading to my email to email you and see how it went. I'm so glad it went well! Fingers crossed & prayers being said for you.

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