Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Post #500

For my 500th posting on this blog I thought I would print the 16 random things meme that is floating around facebook...

My brother, Wayne, tagged me in this facebook chain called "16 Randoms". It's posted with these guidelines:

I. Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 16 random facts about yourself
II. At the end of the note, tag 16 people
III. You are supposed to tag the person who tagged you, too
IV. If I've tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

Here are my 16 things:

1. I was born on the day Sputnik took flight

2. Unlike many women who came of age in my era, I have never attended a tupperware party.

3. One of my accomplishments of which I am most proud is that age 51 I am totally, completely out of debt (not counting one thing that I am a co-signer on because although it shows up on my credit rating and I may pay some or all of it off, that loan technically belongs to someone else.) All of the debts that I took on for myself have one by one been wiped away. YES!

4. As a young teen I made a list of 15 things that I wanted to accomplish or acquire when I grew up. They all came true. I don't want some of those things any more. Maybe it's time for a new list.

5. I took scuba lessons two different times. I flunked both times.

6. When I was a kid Elvis Presley came to my small town in Arizona to film the movie "Stay Away Joe". Other "Famous" people I have observed include Jimmy Carter, Harry Chapin, Frank Zappa, and lots of rock stars at concerts. Not so famous people I have crossed paths with include Elder Ephraim, Rollo May and Chris Sizemore.

7. I have lived in Arizona, Ohio, Florida, Michigan, Washington and Oregon. From the time I left my parent's home at age 16 I have moved 21 times.

8. I expect I will move again in the next year.

9. I have had many different jobs including phone solicitor, juvenile probation officer, factory worker making CB antennas, part-time college teacher, bug counter, crisis intervention specialist, secretary, training coordinator, passing out fliers, marketing director, drug dealer, executive director

10. I am currently looking for another job.

11. In 2001 I walked from Enumclaw to Seattle (approx 60 miles) in 3 days as part of the Avon 3 day marathon to raise money and awareness for the cause of stopping Breast Cancer. I fell and sprained my ankle the first hour of the first day. I walked the whole way anyway.

12. Cities/towns I have visited include: St Louis, Santa Fe, Cairo, New Orleans, Sedona, Salt Lake, Detroit, San Antonio, Chattanooga, Cleveland, Key Largo, Nassau, Jerome, Austin, Indianapolis, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, San Diego, Victoria, Anaheim, San Francisco, Omaha, Astoria, Pueblo, Phoenix, Flagstaff, Washington DC, Honolulu, Anchorage, Nashville, Palmyra, Nauvoo, Kirtland, Ithaca, Boise, Atlanta, Raleigh, Orlando, Mobile, Ft Lauderdale, Las Vegas, Kona, Homer, Kanab, Baker City, Bend, and a whole lot of other points in between.

13. I have swam in the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Red Sea. I have swam in Lake Ontario, Lake Erie and Lake Michigan. I have swam in many, many little lakes and rivers.

14. For most of my life I was afraid of water.

15. I was a grandmother for the first time before I was 40 yrs old. I now have 8 grandchildren. If my posterity continues follows my pattern of early parenthood I could be a great grandmother at 57 and a great - great grandmother at 77 and a great-great-great grandmother at 97.

16. I eat meat. Meats I have eaten in my life include chinchilla, moose, and cobra.

I tagged a bunch of people with this over on facebook so here I'll just toss it out for anyone who wants to play. If you choose to do a list of your own let me know in the comments so I can come check yours out, ok?

1 comment:

Rozel said...

Are you serious?!? 500?!?! Wow, I wonder if I have read them all.

I am on whopping 20ish. If you count the ones in my draft box I might be on 30ish.

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