Friday, March 16, 2007

Creative Blogroll

I've been doing some exploring over on Jaquandor's blogroll again. I like the way he has sorted the links into general categories so I can sample the ones more likely to be of interest and avoid the ones I'm pretty sure I would be bored with. I also like that he has the full meal deal on a separate page rather than taking up miles of sidebar.
I've been reconsidering mine...I have several blogs I pop in on very regularly that I have not added (just keep 'em in my FAVORITES) and others on my blogroll I no longer read as much as I once did. I've changed some recently, but may do more shifting in the coming weeks.
I'm curious - IF you have a "blogroll" what is your criteria for who you link to?
How much do you explore blogrolls on various sites that you read?


Mimi said...

I need to clean up my Blogroll - I originally intended it to be in three categories - Orthodox, Non-Orthodox but usually religious topics, and Scrapbooking, but the second two ended up getting combined and so they are just "Orthodox" and "Everyone else".

That's why I need to clean it up, that and the fact that half the links are broken.

Tracey said...

I don't link to other people's blogs. I did at first, but decided it would just get too long or cluttered. Now I've got mine, and one from another online friend, but that's it.

If I knew how to do one of those 'hide a page' things on blogspot, I'd do that for folks; then all they'd have to do is click the link. Guess I'll need to figure that stuff out!

Jaquandor said...

All you do is make a post with all the links you want in it, and then it exists as an individual post within your blog somewhere. You can even change the date of the post, if you don't want it to appear on your main blog page at the time you create it. Then, the permalink for that post is the link for your blogroll.

I tend to rarely look at other people's blogrolls; I find new blogs more by following links from comments threads. Every so often I decide to do some blogroll harvesting, though.

Lei said...

I generally link to those that link to me (those I know of, anyway). I feel like it's just common courtesy. And if I stop hearing from somebody on my blogroll, I take them off.

I am interested in the blogrolls of my closest blogging friends. Sometimes I find a great new read that way.

Lei said...

Lol... I just noticed that I am on yours! Guess it's time to update mine. ;)

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