Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Kudos to the Cowpunk Momma!

Many thanks to Paula Spurr for walking me through the transition with the new blogger. I've been fighting it, kicking and spitting, mostly because I resented the beast for taking away my choice. For weeks now I have been offered the opportunity to make the switch. I always declined. I wanted to stick with the safe and familiar. Alas, finally Blogger balked, and would not let me log in until I changed over to the new Beta Blogger. Suffice it to say, I was NOT pleased.

I don't mean to be crude here, but the analogy that comes to mind is that the difference between fabulous intimate relations and rape is choice - the mechanics of the acts are very much the same. But whether it is something dreamy that poets will write sonnets over, a glorious, gasping frolick that sends rockets through your mind or a nightmare of horror to haunt you for many days all comes down to whether you wanted to be there or not.

Hey, I like ice cream. I do NOT want someone sitting one my chest and force feeding it to me.

Likewise, I did not want to play with new blogger.... but here I am. However, I was so busy grumbling and whining about what I did not like about it (and there was quite a list!) that I had not taken time to truly get familiar with it and find out all the new features.

Paula encouraged me and gave me some tips on how to access the new layout features. So thanks babe, I made it through the switch. You are right, once you get the hang of it, this is actually sorta cool. I can easily do things now that would have been a nightmare of HTML code with the old venue.

This makes me think more on how I approach change in general... there is no doubt that even when there is clear IMPROVEMENT waiting in the wings I have a tendency to hold on to what I know far longer than is needful. Familiar feels cozy sometimes even when that very familiarity is somewhat dysfunctional or holding me back.

Maybe it's time I got ready to take a leap or two in some other areas as well....


Marie said...

You were smart not to jump before you were pushed. There were several kinks in the new Blogger, a couple of which were really annoying.

I was thinking -- your "crude" analogy gets a little sticky if you apply it in the other direction -- you were forced into the new Blogger and found you actually liked it. "You were right to force me, Blogger tzar! This IS what I wanted after all!" Then the evil Blogger tzar, seeing your ultimate reaction, formulates a new working philosophy to deal with all the other resistant old-Bloggers bloggers he encounters: "they say no, but they really mean yes."


Belladonna said...


You make a good point. Of course, I was only talking about how I hate to be forced into ANYTHING - not about the outcome after I decided there were elements of it I could appreciate.

I am convinced that in most cases we should be informed, invited and enticed but not forced.

I'm a firm believer in the adage of teach them correct principles and let them govern themselves.

Right now there is a huge debate at the college where I work over whether certain student services should become mandatory or not. There is no question these services have been shown to be important factors in student success. However, some segments of the student populations routinely skip over them. So the college wants to take all choice away and make it so EVERY degree seeking student MUST attend.

My position is that if you offer quality services (like academic advising or student orientation) and invite people into them they will be appreciated, where as those same services may be resisted against and resented if they are forced.

However, I do understand the position of the other camp who says as long as they are voluntary we are singing to the choir, as the students who need them the most self select out.

I'm still deeply ambivalent about when it is ok to say YOU WILL DO IT BECAUSE I WILL MAKE YOU. That was the adversary's plan, and one I voted against.

Agency is such a precious gift. Even in the most inconsequential areas of my life, I really appreciate having some choice!

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