Monday, March 26, 2007

Light Pollution

Ok - I do realize it's nearly the end of March and most of us are celebrating the arrival of Spring rather than thinking about Christmas. But since Stacy just posted a photo of a bunch of chained up snowmen on her blog, I can't resist sharing this picture I took in Boise over the holidays. I'm all for being festive along with the next guy...but this blatant over-consumption of electricity was beyond belief. (Home owned by CEO of Idaho Power). If I had a wide angle lens you would have seen the OTHER side that had even MORE light.
I suspect this could have been viewed from deep space. It totally obliterated the stars. Good thing there weren't any wise men trying to navigate or they would have been in deep trouble.

This was to Christmas lights what Tammy Faye Bakker is to eyeshadow.

Some people just don't know when to say when.


papa herman said...

i just took down my Christmas lights last week... all 3 strands worth.

so why was this 5 minute job put off until March 21st?

Sophocles said...

Dear Belladonna,

Man, "Let there be light" gets a new source from this,guy(CEO) or something, ey?

Marie said...

Amen to the light pollution thing. I hate it when Christmas lights turn obnoxious, as if we think we can put on a better light show for Jesus than he's putting on for us every night of the week. So sad that many children of the modern age have only seen the Milky Way in photos. We still need headlights and streetlights, but I think clowns like this should be shut down on charges of star murder and plain old tackiness.

Lei said...

Rofl. Love the Tammy Faye analogy! We have a coul de sac that could nearly blind you from space, too.

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