Thursday, August 02, 2007

Hawking goods & services is not always bad

One of the cool things about blogging is the way tracking back through comments allows me to discover new ideas, information and people I would have found no other way.

Heather happened to comment on my "On a High Wire Without a Net" post saying she too had difficulty finding a good doctor. Apparently she has since gotten lucky and found one she does like. What was interesting to me was the series of google ads she had appearing in the box next to her posting about the new doctor she found. There were some great resources - like the HealthGrades one that gives people access to information about physicians or the article on improving patient safety.

I've seen many blogs that include ads as a means of generating revenue for the writer. I've always eschewed those ads, perceiving them as increasingly ubiquitous fodder. But THESE were relevant, helpful, and non intrusive. HMMM. I just may have to reconsider my views on the place of advertisements in blogger posts. Perhaps they are not all "sell outs" after all.

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Heather said...

I'm so glad to hear the ads were useful! While it's true I'd like to make some money from my web work, I've tried to be pretty careful and choose only those ad types that seem relevant to what I'm posting. AdSense I like because it scans content and posts ads related to that content. Of course I also post Amazon affiliate links on my book reviews blog--but then, I also find when I read others' reviews that I appreciate, if nothing else, being able to click through to Amazon so I can add desired books to my wish list (otherwise I might forget).

I have no desire to totally clutter things up; I always want the content to be front and center. I think it all really depends on the type of promotions you use, how well you can tie them in to your content, and how judiciously you display them. Of course each person's threshold is different, so you'll never please everyone. But I certainly believe it's possible to make revenue from online ventures without driving readers insane!

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