Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Alphabet Soup

Now here is a concept I hadn't really thought of since back in the days when my boys (now in their 30's) were avid Sesame Street watchers: It's time to name some blessings brought to you by the Letter E .

What things make my life sparkle that being with E?

1. EARLY morning. There is just something magical about that time of day when the sun isn't quite up but you can feel the night transitioning away... the birds start to sing and the horizon grows murky light. Little by little the eastern sky begins to glow in shades of crimson and magenta. The whole world just feels full of possibility. I love being out in my flowerbeds at that time of day.

2. EMPLOYMENT - Although at times I grouse about my job, I am deeply grateful to have secure employment. I know far too many people who struggle to make ends meet. I not only have a comfortable income, I also have excellent health benefits and four weeks each year of paid vacation on top of 10 holidays and 3 personal days. That's nothing to sniff at. I know it will end in a year when my grant runs out. I just pray that whatever my next job will be can share a portion of these same blessings.

3. ECHINACEA - great for colds and lovely in my flower garden

4. ELECTRICITY - from my toothbrush to my computer to my rechargable GPSr, having all that power available at the flip of a switch is a delight indeed. Lately I'm really trying to be more responsible with this resource, turning off lights whenever I leave a room and powering down my printer at the end of each day. I am mindful of how we energy glutton Americans are impacting this planet. Still, I count it as one of my blessings and give homage to all the things in my house that plug in!

5. ELBOWS - ok, I'm stretching now, but arms would be far less useful without these nifty hinges in the middle of 'em, ya know?

So what blessings do you have in YOUR life that begin with the letter E??

Thanks to Morning Glory for prompting this moment of grateful silliness.


~Deb said...

All things we need to live... Early mornings are beautiful! I get up early before "employment", have my "espresso" and enjoy the sunrise in the "east".

The letter E is an incredible word....

Morning Glory said...

Oh, I LOVE your choices!! Thanks for joining in.

Mimi said...

My Dh's name starts with an "E" so I'll go with that!

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