Friday, August 24, 2007

Airport Hell - Part II

Apparently it was wishful thinking that we'd get home without a hitch.

On our way out to Michigan it took us longer to get to Detroit than it did to get us to Egypt. Looks like we won't do much better on the return trip.

We got to the airport way early so we could make it through all the THREAT LEVEL ORANGE security without having to be rushed. Since Detroit airport has a lot of international flights their security is fairly tight.

We actually boarded our plane pretty much on time and were excited that everything seemed to be going well. Then we sat in the plane on the tarmac for THREE HOURS due to a lightening storm passing over. Being stuck in an airport with ability to walk around, get food, use Internet, etc is not my favorite thing. But being stuck ON THE PLANE really is worse.

We finally made it to Salt Lake about 11 PM. (Should have been all the way to Pasco by 9pm)
Of course, by then the last flight out to Pasco was long since gone. So now we are here in some little hotel by the airport, hoping to make a different connection sometime tomorrow.
On the up side, we met a couple of really nice folks from Twin Falls, ID who had just gotten back from a month long trip to Uzbekistan. We enjoyed visiting with them about various international trips we both had taken.

But I'm tired, my head hurts, my throat hurts (I hate airplane air - it always makes me feel cruddy for a day after). I just want to go HOME.


Crystal said...

I just read about your flight to Detroit and now your flight home. What an ordeal!! We have been really lucky in all of the flying that we've done over the years with only one bad experience. We have a marathon schedule when we go to Europe next month. Alberta - Montreal - 12 hour layover! - Heathrow - Frankfurt - Poland, arriving 24 hours after we leave home (adjusting for the time change) Hopefully it will all go smoothly. Thankfully coming home is much more direct. I will have your saga to reflect on if something changes for us!

Thank you for visiting my blog! I appreciated your comments on freedome - so true!

Jaquandor said...

You know, you strike me as the kind of person who would really enjoy train travel. Ever consider that for these cross-country jaunts?

Belladonna said...

Hey Kelly - actually I love trains. I took one to St. Louis years ago and enjoyed it very much. One of these days when I have the time and money I would like to do one of the Grand Deluxe Rail Journeys(Formerly the American Orient Express). Of course, that puppy costs lots of coin, so for now it's relegated to pipe dream status. One day I will do an Amtrak from Portland, Maine to Boston, MA. I have explored the entire United States EXCEPT the northeast, so hope to do that sometime in the next few years.

Besides, there is some writer guy in Buffalo who I owe a pie in the face.

Jaquandor said...

Besides, there is some writer guy in Buffalo who I owe a pie in the face.

Yeah, I think I know the guy, and man, does he deserve it!

I love trains too, and I wish I had money to ride them once in a while. I always get captivated when I'm channel-flipping and find that PBS has one of those "Let's follow this train's route" shows on, no matter where the train is!

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