Sunday, August 19, 2007

My Underwear Went to Chicago

After a 23 hour ordeal of delays, schedule changes and hold ups, we FINALLY made it to the Detroit airport. Three of our four suitcases came with us. One, however, did not. All our socks and underwear went to Chicago. This was problematic.

Fortunately, it did show up, intact, a full day later.

So now we are here in Grandville, MI very much enjoying time with family. I'm not really looking forward to the return flight home this coming Friday. Hopefully this next trip will be less eventful.


Jaquandor said...

If I get a postcard from your underwear....

Belladonna said...

That WOULD be scary, especially since I don't happen to have your snail mail address. But then, every year there are thousands of letters mailed to "Santa Clause, North Pole." If you happen to see anything with a Chicago postmark sent to "Overall clad writer with sick sense of humor in Buffalo, NY" don't look at ME!

Mimi said...

Hopefully, they had fun!

I'm glad you and your underwear are reunited, and I hope you have a good time with the kidlets!

Anne Bradshaw said...

LOL. These days, airplane journeys can be something else. Actually, I guess it's amazing more stuff doesn't get separated from its owners when you think of the thousands of flights criss-crossing the sky daily. Glad you found them.

And glad I found your blog :-) Come visit mine whenever. Invitation goes to anyone who reads this. I love getting visitors.

If you scroll right down my sidebar (past the Yorkshire puddings), you'll see a new LDS webring that Candace Salima has organized. Sounds like a good thing to join.

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