Monday, August 27, 2007

New Group Blog

I am going to be one of the contributing writers over at a new group blog called Waters of Mormon. It's a brand new blog that is just getting started as a collaboration between an interesting mix of folks from across the country.

If you are LDS, or just curious about what LDS people are saying on a variety of topics, I invite you to go check us out.
Of course, I will continue my usual inane musings here on things of a more secular nature. For me, the new blog will take the place of My Small Plates. It makes sense to me to write my more private spiritual thoughts in my personal journals rather than a blog, and then have the things that I am open to discussion on in a forum where I can get more interaction.
It's certainly not limited to LDS readers, but will deal primarily with issues of both doctrine & culture of the LDS people so I expect those to be our chief audience.
Still... I continue to read Orthodox stuff all the time and dearly love my Orthodox pals. Learning about the observation of Lent and Pascha, or other fasts and feasts from and Orthodox point of view has deeply enriched my understanding of Christianity. It has not altered my concept of who God is or what my relationship to Him is. But it has shifted my prayer life somewhat. While I remain strong in my own faith, I have been deeply blessed by my exposure to Orthodoxy.
Also I read other things, such as Deb Pasquella's blog Let Me Go On and On! which has an entirely different view of what is or is not a moral life that what my faith teaches. I do not have to agree with all her views for me to appreciate her gift with words or to appreciate the common bond we have as smart women with faith in Christ.
Being willing to explore other people's views rather than only looking at my own church's teachings has given me greater clarity about a myriad of things pertaining to faith. So who knows? Perhaps occasionally people not of my faith will drop by to peruse the Waters of Mormon too and that's fine. Everyone is welcome.
I guess what I like best about this whole blogging world is that it gives people who have something in common a chance to come together to talk about things that are meaningful to them, yet it also gives me a window into worlds I might not otherwise know much about. Every now and then I say I am going to take a break from blogging because my real life gets so full. Still, I think sampling both sides of that spectrum is what keeps me coming back.

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Mimi said...

Congratulations on being a voice in this venture.

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