Friday, August 17, 2007

Trapped in the Airport- The Saga Continues

My beloved and I have been stuck in airports all day. I'm tired, cold, and trying not to be grumpy.

We had reservations to fly out at 6:45 AM to get to Detroit (via Salt Lake City) orignally scheduled to arrive by around 3:00 this afternoon. Well, you know what they say about best laid plans of mice and men.

We got a recorded - message call about 3:30 this morning telling us our flight from Salt Lake to Detroit had cancelled. So we called Delta, were put on hold long enough to grow a beard, then spoke briefly with someone who barely spoke English. Our call was transferred to a different department where we were put on hold AGAIN for another tedious, frustrating wait being subjected to bad music. Finally we were told we had been rebooked on a different flight. Great! So we went ahead and drove the hour and a half to the airport in Pasco where they informed us our flight to Salt Lake was today and our trip to Detroit was for TOMORROW. GRRRR.

I have grandbabies waiting for me to taking 'em on a wild geocache adventure. I need to GET there.

So we rearranged flights AGAIN, this time taking us from Pasco to Denver to Chicago and THEN Detroit, which would get us in a little before midnight. That meant a long delay of sitting around the freezing cold Pasco airport, but at least we'd be able to get to our destination late tonight rather than blowing a whole other day traveling.

However - once we got to Denver there was another delay - our plane came in but there was no crew to fly it. The figured they could eventually get us to Chicago by 9:30. However, our flight FROM Chicago to Detroit was scheduled to leave at 9:00. AGH!

So back we went to ANOTHER line of about 50 people who all had their flights screwed up. We somehow managed to get yet a different flight, this time directly from here to Detroit. We were supposed to fly out of here at 7:00. We breathed a sigh of relief. Until the monitor sign popped up with big letters saying "Flight Delayed". They bumped it to 8:00. Then a while later it was moved to 9:00. We just checked again and they don't plan for that flight to leave until 10:00 PM. No telling if we will even get out of this airport yet tonight.

I'm thinking we should have just gone to Salt Lake as originally planned, but who knew?

I'm trying to choose to be positive in adverse circumstances. I'm struggling a bit because I'm tired and I'm cold. I never went to bed last night, assuming I'd have a long flight to sleep on. There's no place to comfortably rest here in this waiting area of loud annoyed people who are all milling around complaining about their flights being screwed up. So I'm loopy from sleep deprivation. Also, the temperature in the terminal, just like the one in Pasco, has me shivering with goose bumps. The air conditioning is set way too cold.

So I'm pretty uncomfortable. Still....I decide how I will respond. There is nothing I can do to change the situation. I can only choose how I handle it.

I alternate between reading, people watching, stretching, trying to get comfortable. It's all wearing pretty thin. I believe desperate circumstances call for desperate measures. This calls for a walk down the concourse to Cinnabons.


Mimi said...

Argggggggggg, I'm so sorry. Hugs and prayers (and until our recent near-move, I didn't even know there was an airport in Pasco)

Heather said...

Oh no. Best of luck! And yes, this definitely calls for Cinnabons!

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