Sunday, August 12, 2007

What is it?

In response to my recent posting about the Junk Drawer, Heather from over at Errant Thoughts suggested the following: "Look at the crazy junk drawer as an... um... opportunity? Once in a while pick up one of the things you can't identify and use it as the basis of a creativity exercise in which you imagine what on earth it might be and what it could be used for."

So, combining that with the observation that Jacquandor is having just too much fun with his "Unidentified Earth" series getting his readers to try to identify various places on earth from Google earth Satallite pictures - I decided to let YOU try to figure out what this is!

The item in question is a shiny metal loop with a 2 inch straight piece. I'm ready to throw it away, but fear that as soon as I do THEN we'll figure out that it was some vital piece of something?

I honestly have no idea whatesoever what this thing is or where it came from, so I will not be able to give points for the CORRECT answer. However, surely some of you bloggers out that can come up with a creative one?


Heather said...

Ha! Since this appears to be my doing, I guess I should jump in with some idea for what that is.

I think it's the pin on an ethereal, invisible grenade. Not a normal sort of grenade that blows things up, but one that's filled with laughter. You pull it in an emotional emergency, and it blows laughter and happiness all throughout the room.

Belladonna said...

Well if THAT's what it is, then it is a darn good thing I DIDN'T thow it away after all ! This thing could come in handy.

Starfoxy said...

It's an interior door key. If a door in your house is locked you can poke it through the hole in the front of the knob to open it. This way if you accidentally lock yourself out of the bathroom you can get back in. We've got one of these on top of each door jamb in our house.

heather said...

I hope you don't mind, but I linked to this from my writers' exercises blog. :)

Belladonna said...


Not only do I not mind, I'm delighted. This means I get to find another cool writing resource that I had no idea existed. Thanks so much!

More weird items from the junk drawer soon to follow!

Starfoxy - I am AMAZED that you new the actual purpose for this thing! However, the house that I live in is over 100 years old and most of the door knobs are the old fashioned type that do not have the hole of which you speak. So I think I will use it to release gales of laughter intead.

Mr. H said...

Well if I found that while I was a cop I would say it is used to clean a Bong

TSA said...

Gosh, I'm glad you got the answer for this one. I thought about it all day Sunday! :O)

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