Friday, December 15, 2006


I was checking out my blogger stats again to see where people are logging in from, what sort of things bring them here and how long they remain.

I came to two conclusions

1) Some people have WAY too much free time


2) I have got to believe that some people click on, go to make themselves a sandwich or answer the phone or whatever, and then just leave it open unattended.

I mean really, there is just NO WAY I can believe anyone has looked at this blog for over nine hours.

However, another thing I noticed was that I have several people who are logging on from Utah. That makes sense as I know there is a link posted on a couple different LDS women bloggers forums.

So - for all you blog buddies from Utah, or those who know people in Utah,
THIS is for you.


Kim Mack said...

Funny! I loved it! Living in Utah and all ...

booklogged said...

Belladonna, I have heard this song. Hilarious!

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