Sunday, December 24, 2006


Our good friend, Chuck Butcherite, will be celebrating a birthday on Dec 30. Here’s hoping he has a fantastic day and knows he is much loved by friends and family alike. (Photo here if of he and his wife along with my beloved and I when we went white water rafting together on one of the glacier rivers up by Denali on our trip together to Alaska….we had a WONDERFUL time.)

I was thinking some about what it would be like to have a birthday so close to Christmas. While presents and parties are not the main point of either birth anniversaries or Christmas in my book – both do signify the way we celebrate, especially to little kids. I suspect many who are born close to Dec 25 get them lumped together as often as not.

Or, for those born right on any major holiday, I suppose it COULD seem like all the excitement and preparation were just for them.

I dunno… birthdays mean different things to different people. As long as I get my pie in the face, I’m happy.

This year I won’t be able to celebrate directly with dear Chuck, because he and Pat are serving a mission as temple workers in Atlanta, GA. I both miss and envy them.

Many blessings to you both. Know we are thrilled for you to have this opportunity, but we are anxious to have our favorite traveling companions back so we can plan some new trips together! Have a great birthday Chuck. How about a proxy pie? I’d be happy to do the honors.


Paula said...

My birthday falls near or on Mother's Day, depending on the year. As a child, I thought this was cool, never thinking about how Mom had to share her special day with me.

Now that I'm a mom and have to squish two special days into one celebration, I can't help but wonder if she felt a bit ripped off. LOL!!

Merry Christmas!

Torchwolf said...

That's my birthday too! :)

I think there are advantages. It all becomes part of the festive season. You get to be with family, often for an extended get-together, with a multi-day holiday. I don't think I've ever had to work on my birthday, and lots of the people you want to be with are at home too, and in a great mood.

I can't imagine what it's like to celebrate a birthday if you have to go to work or school the same day, and the world seems to be carrying on with business-as-usual.

Happy Christmas!

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