Saturday, December 16, 2006

Diving the Red Sea

I've talked some about sites we saw while travelling in Egypt. What I haven't really mentioned is the time my husband spent scuba diving in the Red Sea. I did do a bit of snorkeling and saw amazing things. But I'm not a diver, so I didn't go out on the two days of diving he did. Here are a few of the pictures from his trip.


Pondering Pig said...

Totally cool. Some of those fishes look so exotic and others like in a tropical fish tank. But my question is - did he see the remains of any chariots down there?

Belladonna said...
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Belladonna said...

No, no chariots. However, there are several shipwrecks
divers can explore. He had hoped to check out the thistlegorm but the boat he was on went another direction.

Marie said...

Neat! The Red Sea is the only coral reef I've ever seen. I was just a snorkeler like you, and I know it's not considered a terribly spectacular reef compared to some, but even at the surface it was an amazing experience for me. I finally understood why someone might want to go on a vacation to the tropics rather than to Europe. Just me, God, and the neon fishies. I still regret not springing for the underwater camera, so thanks to your husband for the photos!

I clumsily "rescued" a struggling fellow snorkeler and got some nasty reef cuts that took forever to heal. As I cleaned the exotic fungi out of my leg wounds I remember hoping that when God parted the Red Sea he also parted the coral reef for the poor Israelites. :)

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