Friday, December 15, 2006

Christmas Puzzles

Season's Greetings to all my blogger pals. I hold the season of the Holy Nativity to be a sacred time, but I do not believe that Jesus Christ was born in December. I believe he was born in the Spring. The whole idea of celebrating the birth of the Savior of the world on December 25 is a carry over from the fourth century as a way to accomodate an ancient Pagan festival of the winter solstice.

Nevertheless, it's nice to enjoy this special time of year with all it's rich symbolism.

So for those of you who enjoy puzzles and play during this festive season, here are a couple puzzles that we had fun with at a recent High Council Christmas Party.

Can you unscramble the Christmas songs below?

1. Od uoy reah thaw I erah

2. Slegan ew veah dreha no hgih

3. Astan slaucu si gocmin ot wont

4. Fra raf yawa no aseduj' lanips

5. Het stom fredownul mite fo the reya

6. Ceno ni loray viddas' yitc

7. Yoljl dol stani solhonic

8. teltil merdmur ybo

Next - answer these Christmas trivia Questions:

1. Name the movie where "every time a bell rings, an agel gets its wings"

2. Electric lights were first used for Christmas in 1910, 1895, 1922 or 1934?

3. Stockings are hung in the U.S. The Dutch children use which of the following?
Hats, Mugs, Stocking, Shoes, cloth sacks

4. the Poinsettia flower originallly grew in:
Canada, Spain, China, Mexico, Egypt, Peru

5. Name the girl that asked if there was a Santa, and was answered in a newspaper editorial.

6. The Christmas tree is a custom from what country?

7. "Miracle on 34th Street" is set in which department store?

8. In "The Polar Express" what does it mean if you hear the bell ring?

ANSWERS are given in the COMMENT below - so if you want to really test your knowledge on this DON'T peek till you give it a shot. If you do decide to cheat by looking - well, hey, I think there is something about a fat man in a red suit who is making a list and checking it twice who may determine that to be "naughty" rather than "Nice", but I personally don't really care.

Last but not least, - Click on THIS LINK for an animated Christmas jigsaw puzzle.

1 comment:

Belladonna said...

1. It's a Wonderful Life
2. 1895
3. Shoes
4. Mexico
5. Virginia
6. Germany
7. Macy's
8. You still believe in Santa

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