Saturday, September 30, 2006

Pie Face

Next week I will celebrate my 49th birthday. This is my crossing over mark to start living out my 50th year.....zowie! Hard to believe it. So I've been thinking some on where I am, where I want to be, what I want to do before my light goes out.

One of the strange traditions I have is that each year on my birthday I have a friend give me a pie in the face. Odd, but true. It began with a pie from my brother the year I turned 19 and has been going on ever since. I missed a few years along the way... but I've definitely had my share of pies. I've had fruit pies and cream pies. The past few years I've done it with just whip cream in a pan; Why waste good pie?

It's a bit of a rediculous tradition I suppose, but it has been fun and keeps me from taking myself too seriously!


Pondering Pig said...

What do you want to do before the lights go out, anyway? You could check your high school yearbook. Perhaps you wrote down your life ambition there. Mine, for instance, was to travel around the world on power roller skates. Yours could well have something to do with pies and whipped cream. It's an unusual ritual, I must admit, and never caught on in my family.

Congrats on your 49th b'day! The days of '49! Sounds like this is the ideal time to search for that pure gold - whatever pure gold may mean to you. As the old sea shanty says...

There's plenty of gold, so I've been told,
Heave aweigh Santy Ano.
Plenty of gold so I've been told
Way out in Californi-o or maybe Wenatchee.

Patrushka said...

Happy Birthday! I'd love to bake a pie for you, but I think I would hide it in a geocache for you to find. Considering the incredible crop of Italian plums that are welcoming us to our new home, you would get a plum pie! Yum! Sweet and juicy!

Belladonna said...

Hey Patrushka - pie and geocaching sounds like a GREAT combination to me!

As for the Ponderers comments...I shudder to think what my ambitions were back in highschool days. Those days of debauchery are best left well behind me!

But for now...I kind of like the way it all seems to be unfolding. More on this coming in a post to be written soon.

Kirstie said...

Hey, Happy Birthday from me, too! And if my mom bakes you a plum pie, or better yet, a plum kuchen, I'm coming right over!

Spoke said...

2012 sees me turning 49. I think my only selfish "wants", would be to go to England for a longish holiday, and own a newer, bigger motorbike. Oh, and EAT apple pie thrice a month.

papa herman said...

a belated happy birthday... looks like thomas is having a bit of fun on your birthday too!

Anonymous said...

Hahah, I love this blog, lol. I am actually doing a research project on humor where I allow people to smash pies in my face, check out some of my videos on YOutube, there are over a dozen on spred out over the four pages, Let me know what you think

Anonymous said...

Awesometradition! I always wanted to get a pie in my face but I never dared. last year on my 40th birthday it finally happened and it was amazing.Next year I want a big creampie in my face again> I already looking frtwartvto it. A pitty that it took so long untilI finallt did! You made the right choice to start at you 19th! Happy Birtday and let's pie!


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