Saturday, September 16, 2006

Homonyms, Homophones and all that stuff

I was looking back over my previous post and noticed I had misspelled a couple things. The one that caught my eye was LLAMA instead of LAMA. Of course, spell check would not catch that because BOTH are correct spellings, just for very different words. I remember learning to tell them apart like this:

A ONE "L" Lama is a beast:

A TWO "L" Llama is a priest:

And I will bet a Silk Pajama, there is NO Three "L" Lllama!

Yeah, these are the sort of little ditties I learned in my youth to distinguish between HOMONYMS and HOMOPHONES.

My classmates and I used to concoct all sorts of fun nonsense stories about Cece the concert pianist who would compulsively play middle C every time she would see the sea.

Or there was the one about the boy with the neurotic complex who could not bear to see a bear go bare, so he was always trying to put pants on the bear.

Or the hare who had no hair that got it's foot stuck in a lair, was trapped by a man who put the bare hare with no hair into a layer of pie.

Such foolishness.... strange what things I still carry around in the nooks and crannies of my brain. If only there was a delete key for that nonsense, maybe I could make room for the stuff I REALLY want to remember.

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