Saturday, September 16, 2006

I'd Rather be Geocaching!

I've had a delightful day traveling along the backroads of Oregon in search of geocache. My husband has a good sense of direction and is willing to do the driving while I sort out which ones to go to next, so we make a good team.

One search led us to the most amazing ELK RANCH. This place is just a few miles from where I live, but I had no idea it existed. I haven't a clue how many elk were there - I'm guessing between 50 and 100. The ranch is pretty big with lots of trees, so I'm sure there were plenty we did not see. But of the ones which were within binocular range it was quite an amazing site. One was right next to the fence when we first drove up, but he took off as soon as I rolled down the car window to take a picture. However, I did snap this shot of a few others that were a short distance away. There was one huge bull that had six points on each side of his antlers. There were many 4 and 5 pointers and a few adorable babies~ !

Another cache location took us by a place where there were a bunch of lamas and then we went up into the hills to find one that led us on a merry hike where we saw lots of birds, flowers and a small snake. (quite harmless)

I'm up to 24 finds now, enjoying visiting places near and far. I still have to learn a thing or two about using waypoints and how to get my GPSr to talk to my computer (windows does not want to recognize it for some reason). So I'm still a newbie at the game. But I'm having great fun. It's a healthy diversion.

I've placed two cache of my own so far. People are just now beginning to find them so it is fun to read the logs to see who has been there and where they've come from.

This truly is an amazing game.

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