Friday, September 29, 2006

Old Lady Co-Ed

So I'm trying to get myself acclimated to being a student again after a dozen years of being a teacher. The day I started classes just happened to be my YOUNGEST son's 30th birthday. So, my classmates aren't just younger than me. The are younger than my baby. Ouch.

As a decidedly "non-traditional" student navigating the graduate school mountain again I'm finding my perceptions are quite different than when I went at it the first time around.

For one thing - I used to be thrilled when the teachers would excuse the class early. Now I'm not. Granted we're all tired and our brains ache with overload. But dammit I paid about $4K in tuition, I want the full measure! If I bought a gallon of milk and came home with a cup missing, I'd feel gyped and ripped off. I chafe when my classes let out more than 15 minutes before they are scheduled to.

Then there are other things... how much we do or don't use the very expensive books I had to buy, the degree or lack of formality between students and professors, the endless seemingly arbitrary hoops that must be jumped through, etc etc. I have a steep climb ahead of me to find my way through it all.

Maybe if I keep reading Kirstie's descriptions of her linguistic work and make time for the occasional forays to her pappy pig's
words of wisdom I'll be able to stay motivated and keep my sense of humor

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