Friday, September 22, 2006

Full Plate

Life is getting crazy as I dance the intricate dance of juggling two jobs, gradute school, family, church assignments and life in general. Something has got to give. So it will probablly be my blogging time. I've got several thoughts rattling around in my head that I would love to write long, thoughtful prose about...but at this point it is a choice between blogging and sleep...I choose SLEEP.

I may pop in again from time to time and will undoubtedly still lurk on a few other sites that have become favorites, but for now I must bid the blog world farewell.

It's been a fun experiment.


Belladonna Piranha


Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

I've enjoyed lurking at your blog. :) Enjoy your break and I hope to see you again soon.

Pondering Pig said...

Belle, we hardly knew yuh! Keep on rambling at The Pondering Pig anytime you have a minute, ok?

Spoke said...

Gonna miss you luv, stop by stuff I saw and notice when you can.
God bless ya!!

papa herman said...

sleep is good... but re-surface from time to time and share up a serving of mind muffins for us.

ummm waiter... "could i get a serving of mind muffins with a black coffee to go please."

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