Saturday, September 30, 2006

Egypt Bound

On November 9 my husband and I will board a plane headed for Egypt. The trip has been planned for many months. For the longest time it seemed to be no more than a pipe dream. But little by little we sculpted that dream into reality. The tickets are now bought and paid for. Our itinerary is set. As our departure date draws closer, I'm getting a bit giddy.

I wanna ride a camel and see pyramids. I will climb Mt. Sinai and my beloved will scuba dive in the red sea. We will visit museums, mosques, bazaars, desert oasis Bedouin villages and so much more. I will spend time at St. Katherine's monastery and even do a bit of geochaching. Yeah, I'm getting excited.

I've been reading about all the places I plan to visit in the Lonely Planet's Guide to Egypt and I have a map of the country on my office wall.

I'm oh so ready for this adventure!


Pondering Pig said...

I'll be looking forward to your posts. Not just the pix of you on a camel or scurrying up My. Sinai to see if you can find the original ten commandments but also your thoughtful depiction of your encounters with the Egyptian Muslims and Coptic Christians. It's gonna be a blast (not literally of course)

löwe the lion said...

have a blast during your trip. i am leaving for istanbul on the 21st myself. i enjoy your blog, stay safe!

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