Wednesday, October 03, 2007


I'm scrambling like a maniac to get out the door for my trip to Arizona. The last couple weeks have been a mad dash trying to get caught up on several important projects to make room for this time away.

This impending vacation has me feeling excited and apprehensive all at the same time.

I am remembering the time when I was a little kid when my father took all us kids to the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Baily three ring circus. From what I heard, all the other kids had a super time. Not me. I hated it. If I looked at the clowns I missed the dancing horses. If I looked at the dancing horses I missed the elephant standing on a barrel. If I looked at the elephant standing on a barrel I missed the trapeze ladies. If I looked at the trapeze ladies I missed the juggling man with the funny mustache. If I looked at the juggling man.... oh you get the idea. No matter WHAT I did, there seemed to be so much I was missing out on. It couldn't stand it. So I just cried in frustration and went to sleep to avoid the whole mess.

I find myself battling some of that same anxiety as I get ready to take off for this trip. There are so many different people who all would like to connect while I am there. There are so many gorgeous places we could see, things we could do. Somewhere, somehow, some choices will have to be made. My fear is that I will feel overwhelmed by all that I will miss. So I am trying my best to go in with clear intention to PACE MYSELF and acknowledge that there is just no way to do it all. I am trying to let go of any specific expectations of how I want things to be and just let myself be present to whatever IS, trusting the universe to let it all unfold as it should.

I don't know for sure who I will see when... Tonight we drive to Boise, where we will spend some time with my brother and do some things like go to LDS temple, shop at Costco, and generally unwind/recharge in prep for the MAIN leg of our vacation. On Friday we fly to Arizona. We will pick up our rental car in Phoenix and then head north for Oak Creek Canyon. The weekend will be spent with LOTS of family. Then Monday my beloved and I take our Hot Air Balloon ride over Sedona. Wahoo!

After that - who knows? We have tentative plans for Tucson, Casa Grand and Maricopa to see certain people. I am going to try to get together with a couple old buddies from high school days. I want to get a few good hikes in.

But mostly I want to BREATHE DEEPLY and RELAX.

I'll have my computer with me since I have to keep up with my online classes. Don't know if I'll make anytime for the blogosphere while I'm gone...depends on how much I am sleeping I suppose. I'm taking my new script for Rozarem with me, so if you don't hear from me till I get back, that means the medicine worked!

I've been kinda quiet of late, but still lurking on sites of the usual cast of characters. Know you will be in my thoughts while I'm gone. Be well.

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Jaquandor said...

Hey, have a great time on your journey, and don't fret -- Blogistan will still be here when you get back!

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