Thursday, October 04, 2007

Sputnik Baby Gets Creamed

My big brother Andy and me getting ready to do the deed with my Happy PieHere it Comes! Messy Face!

Fifty years ago today Sputnik, the first ever earth satellite, was launched into space. Fifty years ago today I was launched onto this earth. Today I celebrated with my usual tradition - by getting a pie in the face.

I have had a few different people ask me why I pie. It's sort of a long story. But it's something fun that keeps me from taking myself too seriously. My 50 year pie was particularly yummy - with a Nilla Vanilla cookie crust and fruit on top! What didn't go splat all over my face got eaten with mangos, blueberries and papaya.

As far as sharing a birthday with Sputnik goes, it has been an intriguing adventure coming of age during a time on this planet of break through science and all sorts of inventions. Communications, travel, and data processing have shifted exponentially during my lifetime. I well recall the days when a computer with equivalent processing power to what I am using right now on my trusty laptop (Dell Inspiron 9200) would take up a whole room. Tomorrow I will fly from Boise to Phoenix in just a few hours - something that these days is considered common place. I can share ideas of all this within minutes to people all over the world by posting it to this silly little blog.

I cannot help but ponder what sort of changes and shifts in the world will happen over the NEXT fifty years. What sort of planet will my grandchildren have to grow up in?

I'm pretty satisfied with my life at aged fifty. I am blessed to be in reasonably good health and have enough material abundance to not have to worry about how I will meet my needs. I live in a country that despite many problems is relatively safe and abounding in freedom. I am married to a man who even after nearly 26 years still makes me go weak in the knees with his smile. Life is good. I have just enough problems to keep me awake and paying attention, sufficient adversity to keep me from taking how good I really have it all for granted.

I've had a good birthday. Now I better go wash the whip cream out of my hair.


Mimi said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, my friend! Many Years!

Booklogged said...

Happy Sputniky Birthday. Glad to hear it was a good day. Love the idea of not taking yourself too seriously.

Brenda said...

Delighted to know you had a good birthday! Thanks for being my friend, I love you alot!

Jaquandor said...

Congrats, happy birthday, and way to take that pie with dignity! ;)

Tristi Pinkston said...

Hey, happy birthday!!

I have to say I prefer to eat pie than to have it smashed in my face. But tradition is tradition!!

Ruth D~ said...

You have just set off a craving for pie of any kind. I've got six years on you and I remember standing in a field at the end of my street holding my mother's hand as all the neighborhood joined to look at the tiny white speck moving among the stars. It was thrilling, although at six, I'm sure it was more about being out late.

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