Friday, October 26, 2007

Omelets at Elk Camp

My beloved has been out tromping through the hills for the past couple days trying to murder an elk. He saw some in the distance, but was never able to get close enough to shoot one. But it sounds like he and his three buddies that were hunting together had a pretty good time just hangin' out in nature shooting stories. Besides, he came back with a great new recipe. Who would have guessed?

Put eggbeaters, (or whipped real eggs if you are a purist), cheese, cut up ham and whatever else you like in omelets (tomatoes? peppers? onion? Whatever!) all into a heavy duty zip lock bag. Put bag in pan of boiling water ....cook however long it takes to get to the consistency you like - soft and mushy or hard as rubber.

Pour out of zip lock onto plate and yummy yummy - elk camp omelets! Sounds good enough to try at home. No mess, no fuss, and don't have to do a dance turning the thing.

The other thing zip locks are good for is mixing up the egg yolks and mayonnaise for Deviled Eggs. Squeeze till sufficiently mushy then cut of the tip of the bag and squirt into the eggs. No pan to wash and it makes pretty good looking eggs.

Yeah - I know, using all that petroleum based plastic just to toss it out is wasteful and bad for the planet. I admit it, I'm a lazy American blissfully sucking resources for my own convenience. I make no excuses. I pick and choose the areas where I conserve and do try to use things responsibly, but I'm a sucker for the many uses of good old zip locks!


Jaquandor said...

My college roommate once worked at a Perkins-type restaurant that had a breakfast buffet, and this is how they made the scrambled eggs for the buffet, although he said that the whole package came that way from the food company -- just big plastic bags of liquid eggs that they plunged into the pots of boiling water and intermittently took out of the water to squeeze with oven-mitted hands. Never thought of reducing it to a Ziploc bag, though -- great idea!

Jen said...

Camping/hunting does not sound fun to me in any way. :D

But, if you want something fun to do instead, I just tagged ya! Hee hee!

Tristi Pinkston said...

I figure the planet's in bad enough shape as it is and that the Second Coming will happen before we've used up all our landfills, so while I try not to be too wasteful, I'm also not too terribly worried. Bring on the ziplock bags!

Ruth D~ said...

I read this post earlier and while I found it intereesting, there was something so unappealing about eggs in a plastic bag that I couldn't comment. Now I can, but forgive me if I gag. :>)

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