Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hideaway at a Hidden Lake

I had planned to spend the day playing "Domestic Goddess", getting all the laundry done and doing some serious cleaning from top to bottom here at home. With fall classes starting up, a trip to Arizona fast approaching and a few other irons in the fire I'm not going to be home much for the next month or so. This seemed to be my one opportunity to get things done.

However....I'm so glad I didn't. Life is too short to let it be ruled by laundry.

My beloved had plans to go out this afternoon to the gun club shooting range over by LaGrande to site in his new scope for his rifle in preparation for the upcoming deer hunt. Initially I had no interest in tagging along. I'm really not into guns or hunting or any of that... but after he pulled away I felt so lonesome for my man I called him up on his cell and said "I changed my mind - the laundry can wait! Come back and get me!" Fortunately for me, I have a very patient man who is much accustomed to my fickle ways.

So I real quick downloaded some coordinates for a couple geocache over that way and off we went. We had a blast.

The shooting range is in a lovely spot surrounded by tall pine trees and amazing sky. I had fun running back and forth from the 100 and 200 foot target markers to see how close he got to the bullseye each time. (Fortunately I had good ear protection - that rifle is LOUD!)

Once he got that all done we took off to find the geocache. The first one was pretty simple - took us to a lovely overlook with an old pioneer cabin. The second one, however, was a real gem. Named Hideaway at a Hidden Lake, it took us to a place neither one of us had ever been or even knew was there. Morgan Lake is a beautiful little spot that I DEFINITELY want to return to. Not only did we have a great time finding the cache Larry caught five trout in in about an hour. He kept three for dinner and threw the others back.

Pat B., if you are reading this, I vote next time you and Chuck are up for an adventure the four of us go camping here. Let's plan it, ok?


Ruth D~ said...

Sounds like you made a good choice for the day. Domestic goddess stuff basically stinks.

Mimi said...

Awesome decision. Glad you enjoyed.

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