Friday, September 14, 2007

So many little time

HMMM, it has been a whole week gone by now with me neglecting this little blog. High time I got back to it, eh? I have several other blogs that lately I've focused a bit more attention on, but this one is close to my heart, so I can't give up on it entirely.

Most of my energy lately has gone to my newest blog, "Adjunct Lounge" for the community college where I work. That one's private, open only to invited readers so that instructors can freely discuss issues about classroom managment with no fear their student will stumble upon it. We don't use names (FERPA rules), but we can use examples that are pretty it's important it stays out of the public arena. I've rather enjoyed designing it and exploring link land to discover all sorts of cool resources to include.

Then of course there is the Waters of Mormon blog that I contribute to. We've had a few interesting topics going on over there.

Occassionally I still find something I want to post over at Life by Design.

And there's another one that I've been experimenting with for a totally different kind of writing that what I do's still a work in progress which may or may not link back to this at some time.

Someone asked me recently how I manage to keep up with all these blogs (plus the ones I read regularly) AND hold three jobs (my primary full time job for Oregon community college, teaching two online classes for Washington community college and now also teaching face-to-face adjunct classes in Oregon on evenings/weekends). The answer is simple. I simply don't sleep. If I ever get my insomina thing figured out I may be doomed.

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Booklogged said...

I didn't know you were LDS. So am I. You live in the beautiful northwest, but I don't. *Sob* I live in Utah, which I love, but it's not the northwest. I sent my husband a link to "Waters of Mormon." His name is Candleman.

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