Friday, May 30, 2008

Beware of Lookie Loos

We have an appointment to show our house this evening. YIKES. Up until now the idea of selling our house was looming bigger and bigger, but now this feels awfully real. So I've been wiping off counters, plumping up pillows, sprucing up as best as I can. I'm well aware we may need to show it A LOT before we find that magic one who will take it. Still, every person who sees it brings us one step closer to having this house belong to someone else. My emotions are in a tailspin about that.

I LOVE this house. I have lots of misgivings about parting with it. My logical mind knows it's the smart thing to do. Time to downsize, to simplify. But my nesting soul has deep attachment here. This is NOT going to be a fun or easy process, this business of letting go.

We've found a house to rent and will be getting into it as soon as the owners replace the floor coverings. Once I'm no longer living in this house I think I'll be able to be way more objective. Right now, it doesn't feel like real estate. It feels like an extension of my heart. Whose idea was this anyway??

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Jen said...

I was really sad to hear that the buyers of our old house had plans to paint the bathroom I'd decorated for my kids. It's an odd feeling for sure, thinking of leaving your home.

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