Thursday, May 22, 2008

St. Connie

My older brother had a dear friend name Connie who was one of the most optimistic people he ever met. No matter what life threw her way, her typical response was to always ask "where is the blessing in this?" She had the capacity to recognize good of some kind in EVERY situation. Connie was murdered while trying to save someone else. Even at the moment of her death, I am sure she was finding some sort of blessing in that horrible event.

I never actually met Connie. But I've heard my brother speak of her many times over the years. Her memory is almost like an icon for him, and through association I have also been influenced by her life. Lately I've had a lot of challenges swirling around me and some chaos that I'd prefer to not have to deal with. When I start to get all overwhelmed I try to remember Connie and ask myself that same question.

Where is the blessing in this?

Truly, I do believe that even the most difficult of circumstances can bring about good. I just can't always see it at the time. For now I just keep putting one foot in front of the other and try to trust that all is working out just the way it should. I try to remind myself that the experiences I am having right now are exactly what I need at this time. Perhaps when I can stop struggling against things I define as "adversity" and look at ALL of it - both light and dark - as opportunities to learn and develop maybe I can move on to a different sort of lesson.

I've heard it said that PAIN is merely the distance between what IS and what outcome I would prefer. If I can let go of my attachment to any particular outcome and accept whatever IS then I won't get so caught up is frustration, disappointment, etc.

Easy to say. Hard to do.

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