Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Doors & Windows

I have heard it said that whenever a door closes somewhere else a window opens.
Guess I better start looking for windows.

I was notified today that I did not get the Wenatchee job. I was fairly sure that would be the case when my reference people had not been contacted by last week. But now it is final. They did not pick me.

Of course I would have liked to be picked, but in a lot of ways I'm actually relieved. As much as I would have loved that job, and as much as I dearly love that area and the people I know there - my marriage is more important than my career. If I had taken that job my husband and I would have been living in separate households and taking turns commuting to see each other on the weekends until my beloved was ready to retire - which will probably not happen for three years or more. Granted, I'd have had my summers off when we could be together full time, and get a long break over the winter holidays, which would have helped. Still, the time apart was NOT something I looked foreward to.

I am ever so grateful that my dear husband gave me his full support if I had chosen to pursue that option, but I had been having second thoughts and third thoughts and fourth thoughts about attempting such a thing. Over the last few days while he's been out of town for a family reunion in Utah it really hit me how sad I would be to be in some tiny apartment without my man. No matter how nice it would have been to have a full time faculty position at a college I respect, my place truly is with him. I feel very comfortable with that.

So now I'm back to the drawing board, needing to find a job. I will ONLY look here where I live, no matter how good other jobs may sound. Being geographically place bound does chaffe a bit, but that is the current reality.

What will I be when I grow up? I haven't a clue. But no matter what I may do to earn a living, who I AM is his wife, and I like that.


Mimi said...

That is my mom's favorite quote, in fact, I found a necklace with it on it in the Signals catalogue that I sent her for Mother's Day.

Anyway, I have faith that a window is ready to be thrown wide open for you.

Jaquandor said...

My problem is my inability to recognize when God not only opens a door but puts up a BIG NEON SIGN reading "HEY DUMMY! DOOR HERE!!!"

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