Tuesday, June 24, 2008

CONNECTED in the Wheatfield

I have a new toy. I just signed up with Sprint MobileBroadband. By plugging in the little gizmo you see pictured here I am supposed to be able to get fast internet service ANYWHERE that Sprint cell phone reception is available. Zowie!

Because I teach online it is critical that I have access to good internet connection. Now that we are moving out to the farm where no DSL is available I had very limited options. Sprint came to the rescue with a plan I can live with. Not only will I be able to get it out at the farm, now when I take my laptop places I will be able to go online just about anywhere. No more paying for access fees in airports or at hotels. Heck, if I'm in the right spots I could even take it camping.

The device just came in the mail today...I can hardly wait to get home and get it loaded onto my machine to see if it will work as well as has been promised. I'm pretty excited. This really frees me up to travel without having to scramble for available internet cafes or other hot spots where I can get online. I love new tech toys.


Belladonna said...

BAH HUMBUG - It does work, but because of the rural area where I live the service I get on this puppy is slow as molasses. Grumble grumble. Not sure what other options I have. I am REALLY going to miss my DSL.

Jen said...

Neato. Sorry it's not working well though. :(

I'm going to suggest this to my SIL though. Her DH is working on a degree program that requires him to have internet always available. That means when they go on trips, they spend a lot of time at McDonalds & Starbucks waiting while he does his homework.

Belladonna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Belladonna said...

UPDATE - this thing just did not work for me. WAY to slow... so I've got a different ISP now. It limits me to just my house, but it's lickety split fast, and that matters a lot with teaching online.

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