Tuesday, May 15, 2007

You Grow Girl!

My beloved and I have been so immersed in our major landscaping project that we have yet to plant our vegetable garden. It's hard to get excited about tomatoes and beans when I have been focusing on planting the following:

snapdragons, pansies, roses, salvia, petunias, zinnias, gerber daisies, geraniums, marigolds, lillies, pinks, hostas, burning bush, vinca, verbena, foxglove, allysum, clematis and several other things whose names I just don't remember right now.

Every morning before I head out to work I walk around the yard and soak in the beauty of the flowers. It truly restores my soul.

Of course, there's WORK to this project too. We've shoveled 18 cubic yards of bark, moved LOTS of rocks around, and put decorative cement border bricks all along the edging of most the flowerbeds. I have blisters on my calluses and my back hurts.

But it has been great. Finches are coming to my bird feeder and the waterfall/pond is up and running again after a major overhaul.

Yeah, I'll get tomatoes and squash and all that stuff I usually grow going one of these days.

But for now, I'm feeding my spirit instead of my salad bowl.

And now some links just so I'll know where to find them when I need them again!

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Marie said...

Pictures! Where are the pictures of your garden?

Because my veggie garden has to be all-organic (community garden rules) I've been reading up on companion planting, including flowers that keep harmful pests away from veggies. I was excited to learn that Queen Anne's Lace and Bishop's Lace are both good companion plants for tomatoes as they are favorites from my childhood trips to Oregon. I know I will enjoy the frothy bouquets of lace as much as the vegetables!

Mark The Pond Guy said...

Thanks for listing our site! And good luck with all your gardening/landscaping endeavors.

Mark The Pond Guy
The Pond Store

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