Thursday, May 03, 2007

And the Winner Is....

For the past few months I've been vacillating between various destinations for a trip to take this October in honor of my 50th birthday. We've considered all sorts of places. We ALMOST booked several different trips (Mexico, Hawaii, New Zealand to name just a few). But for one reason or another, I kept hesitating and changing my mind.
Well, FINALLY, we've narrowed it down. We are going to Italy. (Check hotlink for potential itinerary). Or look HERE for very cool pictures.

Any of you guys ever been there? I'm wide open for suggestions of what to see or do or while we are there.

I'm very much looking forward to planning this trip as I usually do lots of reading and research ahead of time before we go anyplace. Should be fun.

Kelly, you can count on some pie pictures from Rome, ok?


Mimi said...

Whohoooooo! AWESOME! Light a candle for me in a church, will you?

Lei said...

Oh man. Controlling my jealousy here. I have NOT been and yet I am 1/4 Italian. It would bring me great joy to tag along in your suitcase.

I'm serious.


Jaquandor said...

Roman pie? What kind of flavors do they have? And remember the standing invitation if you're ever in the Buffalo or Niagara Falls area!

Marie said...

I have often said that if I were only allowed to leave the country one more time, I would choose Italy. Very jealous. Eat an extra gelato for me.

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