Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sissy Camping

My beloved and I just returned from an excellent weekend at Eagle Cap Chalet. When I went up there recently for work I knew I'd want to return when I had time to play and company to play with. So we loaded up the boat on Friday and off we went. We found 7 geocache in the area, one of which near Marr Pond outside of Enterprise. Larry caught 10 trout in about 45 minutes. (caught all of 'em on a black rooster tail spinner that we had taken from one of the earlier cache finds). That was fun. We grilled steaks, enjoyed some hikes and had a lovely time out on Wallawa Lake. No fish biting in the big lake, but our time at Marr Pond more than made up for that.

All our earlier trips up that way have been spent in a tent at the nearby state park. I like camping, but I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed the charming little cabin we rented at Eagle Cap. There is something about having a fireplace that lights with the push of a button, a comfortable bed, a bathroom and kitchen to make things cozy. Also we both enjoyed the swimming pool / jacuzzi to relax in at the end of the day. I fear our trusty tent may not get much use in future. I could really get used to "sissy camping".

On the way home we stopped in Enterprise to attend church. VERY friendly ward that made us feel most welcome. Although we were complete strangers we never felt that - rather, we were truly included as brother & sister in Christ as we worshipped together. It was a good meeting.

Now we are home, just kicking back, drinking some sparkling cider toasting each other. I have the day off tomorrow too which I'm looking forward to. Life has been way hectic the last couple months. This bit of down time is a much welcome break from the frenzy.

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Mimi said...

Enjoy the downtime, and I'm glad you had time with your beloved. The glue that keeps us together, in my opinion!

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