Monday, February 05, 2007


I've discovered a new website that I think is a very cool resource. At you can make a LIFEMAP. This is a visual map of the important events of your life - whatever you define those to be. It could include academic, job, family, trips taken, or anything else that is of significance to you. You can upload photos, write little clips, etc to annotate. Today I spent most of the afernoon and evening on into the night working on this. I put WAY more photos and info on mine than I would ever choose to share publicly. But for my immediate family and friends it's a nifty little record of what I've been doing over the past 50 years. It's rather bizarre to play the slide show of photos and watch myself mature from a wee babe into the person I am today. I have all my elementary school photos from Kindergarten through 8th grade and then an ecclectic collection of snapshots and family portraits.

The cool thing is that the site correlates your personal events with things that were going on in the world at that time. So for every year of my life I can now see where I lived, where I was working, what trips I was taking, etc but also who was president, what music was popular, what scientific breakthroughs were happening, etc. It's facinating to me to see how my own personal history fits into the era that I lived....


Pondering Pig said...

I also stumbled across lifemap and tried playing with it - but I got too freaked at the idea of putting so much personal information up on a public website. Curious huh? Especially when you consider the stuff I've been writing over at the Pigsty lately. But it just was a little too scary for me. Is there a setting to just make it available to family?

Belladonna said...

Yes - I've got over 40 pictures on mine now and info about all the places I've ever lived, all the jobs I've had - etc. I'll never write my life story, but this provides a nice snapshot of the highlights - everything from living in a migrant fruit picker's cabin to my world travels. But the only people who see it are those I send the link to. When you create it the thing asks if you want to make it public. NO WAY. Just to be sure, when I first got started with it I set it public and then back to private to make certain I knew how it worked. Check it out, it's actually pretty cool.

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