Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Answer to Prayers

After some precarious days of wondering if he’d ever get a job, my #1 son is now gainfully employed. He scored a position with a major corporate law firm in Michigan where he will be working on the discovery team gathering evidence for some big deal law suit they are handling. The mix of relief and pride in his voice as we spoke on the phone tonight brought tears to my eyes. As a family we’ve banded together in prayer for weeks now, asking in faith that he might find a suitable position. This news came as such a blessing. The minute we hung up the phone my husband and I laughed and cried and then dropped to our knees to thank Heavenly Father for providing this opportunity for our boy.

As a parent, it has been extremely difficult watching him go through his tough times. Sadly, his marriage did not survive the struggle of law school and student poverty. His wife decided some months ago that she’d had enough and called it quits. Divorce proceedings are in the works, with them sharing joint custody of their 20 month old baby boy. That has been very painful all the way around.

During the last months before he graduated, he was in such an emotional tail spin trying to save his marriage with no success. He was truly devastated. We were very worried about him. Finally, however, he recognized that all the kings’ horses and all the kings’ men couldn’t put the fractured relationship back together again. No matter what he did at that point, it wasn’t going to fix. That was a sobering time. But he got through it, picked himself up and started moving forward again.

Then came the anti-climax of graduation followed by the long bleak days of looking for jobs that did not appear. His credit was over extended, the bill collectors were calling and he was doing all he could do just to survive. There were times during that period when he got so overwhelmed and discouraged. He faced a lot of very lonely, bleak nights.

But the kid never gave up. Tonight he is excited about starting his new job tomorrow. Even though I couldn’t see his face, just from the inflection in his voice I could tell he was grinning from ear to ear.

I am so very grateful for this upturn in my son’s life. He’ll have a long haul ahead of him to carve his way out of all the debt he has accumulated and much healing to do from the shambles of his emotional life. But sustained by his faith in Christ and with the support of a family that loves him, I’m confidant eventually he’ll come through it ok.

Clearly, this job is a step in the right direction. For me, it very much feels like a direct answer to some fervent prayers.


Jaquandor said...

Huzzah and congratulations! (Does the celebration involve pie? ;)

Mimi said...

Whohoooo! Congratulations.

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