Friday, May 13, 2011

It's DONE!

After WEEKS of hard work and perhaps a few more dollars than we had initially planned to spend, the front yard project to re-vamp the landscaping is FINALLY done.

I love the raised beds for my veggies (tomatoes, squash, Swiss chard, spinach, okra, radish, carrots and cucumber) - ESPECIALLY because the drip hoses are all set up on a timer so the garden will water itself.

Then just for fun my sweet husband added a nice water feature - you can't really see them in the picture but there are an undisclosed number of turtles of various sizes and composition scattered around the catch basin of the fountain. It has been fun to challenge friends to a game of "Count The Turtles". I had planned it for little kids but there are two that have stumped more than one grown up.

I am excited to see how it will look when my flowers get going. In my big red pot I've got pink wave petunias, meezo (little red flowers),white bacopa calibachoa (ultra purple) with a Dahlia in the middle for height.

In the corner flowerbed where the light post is we have 3 roses, 3 cone flowers and an ornamental grass and some chunky rocks. Then in the flower barrel out there I've got more wave petunias and a biddy (yellow flowers)with geranium in the middle. I had tried some morning glories I had started inside but they don't look too happy. I thought they would look pretty going up the post but I may just replace that with something else. was a lot of work. I'm glad we got it finished before it got really hot. Moving grass and shoveling rock about wore me out! I am SOOOO appreciative of my sweet husband for all the work he put into this project. There is no way I would ever have anything this nice without him.

Tomorrow afternoon we are having a BBQ here for the students in my class. It will be fun to have them see it.

I've loved my back yard since the day we moved here. Now my front yard is every bit as pretty in its own way. I love being surrounded by beauty! Then to be able to grow some yummy fresh veggies for our table makes it that much better.


Alice said...

Wow, Lynda, I'm trying to figure out if I'm more inspired or just plain jealous of your gardening powers! I need an 8 foot tall fence to keep out the critters around here.

In the meantime, check out my blog:

I've been taking photography classes :) Remind me what dates you're coming in November? Josh and Julane just told us they are coming for Thanksgiving - we could have a grand PARTY...and we have enough room for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Wow - marvelous....

Kim and Victoria said...

Wow. Looking GREAT, Lynda! I'm so impressed. I bet your neighbors are loving it and can't wait to copy you.

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